Second Half Sunday - Team Listing

Team #/Name Skip Vice Second Lead Fifth
Austin-Leary Austin-Leary, Shay Zollo, Alexandra Newton, James Bennett, Nancy Email The Team
Baggett Baggett, Walter Adams, Nathan Adams, Tom Sullivan, Eileen Email The Team
Baybutt Baybutt, Philip Gavin, Mike Snellings, Emma Sullivan, Billy Email The Team
Beauregard Kavanagh, Pat LaVallee, Suzanne Email The Team
Emt Emt, Stephen Clark, Peter Colgan, Katherine Sheerin, Barbara Email The Team
Fragaszy Fragaszy, Bill Oakley, Patty Kavanagh, Mary Email The Team
Leary Leary, Matthew Uhl, David Maloney, Kathy Kimmey, Barb Email The Team
von Haam von Haam, Karen Thomson, Barbara Verner, Susan Jones, Doug Email The Team

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