Second Half Monday Night Open - Team Listing

Team #/Name Skip Vice Second Lead Fifth
Bruce Bruce, Gabriele DiMassa, Diane DeLuca, Matthew Zollo, Alexandra Email The Team
Eatough Eatough, Michael Bagley, George Bernstein, Sandy Waring, Gordon Email The Team
J. Kenney Kenney, John Nisula, David O'Neil, Stephen Delle Femine, Francesca Email The Team
Longnecker Longnecker, Krista Miller, Chris Riccitelli, Larry Child, Alice Email The Team
M. Kenney Kenney, Martha Baybutt, Philip Benoit, Mark White, Sheri Email The Team
McCarthy McCarthy, John McCarthy, Linda Hamilton, Bryan Baggett, Walter Email The Team
Ottaviano Ottaviano, Robert McNabb, Margaret Uhl, Cathlene Verner, Susan Email The Team
Thunberg Thunberg, Eric Offinger, Catherine Henderson, Amy Schwartz, Jared Email The Team
Wilson Wilson, Mark Riccitelli, Betsy Murray, John Email The Team
Zarra Zarra, Derrick Thomson, Barbara Thomson, Kenny Mitchell, Mark Sawka, Debra Email The Team

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