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Dave & Meghan on board the plane for the first leg of their journey.  They will stop over in Munich, Germany before continuing on to Sochi.

Watch Games online and on TV.

Team USA plays 9 round robin games starting Saturday, March 8 concluding Thursday, March 13.  Championship games will be Saturday, March 15.  Some games will feature our team and there are three viewing options:

1.     US vs. China can be seen on NBCSN (channel 774 on Comcast) at 1:30 AM our time, Wed. Mar. 12.  If you have a DVR, set it up.

2.     Championship game will be on NBCSN, channel 774 (pre recorded) 6:30 PM our time, Saturday, March 15. 

3.     Go to where you should be able to pick up several games on your laptop.  If that doesn’t work, go to and poke around there.




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