Junior Schedule


Date Time Description
December 11   No Practice
December 18 6:30pm Practice
December 20 11:30am Practice
December 26-28   Playdowns - Broomstones
January 1, 2016 6:30pm Practice
January 3 11:30am Practice
January 10 11:30am Practice
January 15 6:30pm Practice
January 17 11:30am Practice
January 22 6:30pm Practice
January 24 11:30am Practice
January 29 6:30pm Practice
January 31 11:30am Practice
February 5 6:30pm Practice
February 7 11:30am Practice
February 12 6:30pm Practice
February 14 11:30am Practice
February 21 11:30am Practice
February 26 6:30pm Practice
February 28 11:30am Practice
March 4 6:30pm Practice
March 6 11:30am Practice
March 11-13   Broomstones Bantam Bonspiel (16 & Under)
March 20 11:30am Practice
March 25 6:30pm Practice
March 27 11:30am Practice
April 1 6:30pm Practice

Please remember that the club is busy with a full schedule of curling and ice times.  Sometimes we will have to move our practice in order to fit various activities with other groups at the club.
Coach - Bob - Cape Cod
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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